The Serafini family, owner of Dogana Vecchia, and the hotel staff are pleased to offer the structures and the services to those looking for a familiar environment and the quiet of a romantic historic structure, immersed in the country of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region with memories of Italy and the Central European area.
Nestled in a 40,000 sq m park, surrounded by the green Friulian country and the Alps, in a farm holiday landscape, the tourist and sports Dogana Vecchia structure gathers the romantic and historic moods and the typical Italian taste.
The structure is the old historical border between Italy and Austria and it underwent a perfect and patient restoration which maintained the architectonic characteristics. Nowadays, thanks to a regular maintenance, it is properly kept and spreads feelings of the past.
The hotel is the meeting point of international customers and offers 20 bedrooms whose furniture follows the historical environment, holidays or work apartments at the Il Vecchio Stallo as well as bungalows/residences set in the park (they can also welcome the disabled people). Moreover, a camping vans parking area is present within the structure.





Our innovative and original philosophy aims at safeguarding the environment and the landscape of the area surrounding the Dogana Vecchia and its park dedicated to Princess Mafalda di Savoia, belonging to the del S.I.C. (Sito di Importanza Comunitaria, meaning that it is an important place for the EU), classified by the Region and the EU for its peculiarities linked to wildlife and ecology.
We strongly believe that protecting the NatureĀ is important and for this reason, we built the new residences with environmental-friendly materials and technologies.
Our guests will actively contribute to the safeguarding of the environment and saving of energy thanks to the use of green energy from renewable sources.